i was going to make a SNK world for the sims but welllllll looks like it’s already made and ready to go. haven’t looked in the official store for months, niiice. saves me the trouble of wasting a week on that awful world building tool 

A Choice With No Regrets OVA

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So I went to a football game for old times sake at my old high school. Haven’t been back in like 5-6 years but I stopped in for the second half with my dad, it was interesting.

Posting here as an excuse to talk about FNL, like writing that story is entirely one big nostalgia trip for me. I went to almost every home football game when I was in school, and I was a high school athlete. On the other side of things, semi-related, the reason for the weird student/teacher relationship is because I lived that too. I was in Armin’s position during my last year of high school. One of my closest friends was involved with a teacher, and I knew. There were rumors from another friend but I didn’t believe it. Then I saw them, being sneaky at a football game one night (reminiscent of that one scene I wrote). I’m such a sell-out, like apart from all the characterization and all that plot stuff, FNL is semi-autobiographical for me. I had to deal with the ohhhh shit, I have the power to ruin an adult’s life, ruin a friendship too. It was weird. I have a lot to say about this but I’ll stop. This is long enough. Another time.

Basically, I’m super nostalgic and I constantly write about myself because I’m super vain I guess. And I fucking love high school football, as cheesy and melodramatic as the entire thing really is in the end.




This would look really nice as a shirt or a dress!

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Favorite caps of Hanji | Requested by pureheartemotion

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Mike: Get outta da way shawty Big Mike comin through
Levi: \(*눈‸눈\)

I die


Erwin vs. Levi in the first “A Choice with No Regrets” trailer (x)



me going into the levi/erwin smith tag on ao3 like


"Marco’s alive!"

"Listen to my Marco’s alive theory!"

"Marco is a titan shifter!"


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I am uncertain as to what these nerds are arguing about…
hm„ s(_°-°)z

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