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This is only preliminary and not super official yet, but if any of yall out there are going to Katsucon and need a room, we might have some open spots. So hit me up, we can talk. Still super early, but there’s three of us so far for a room at the Gaylord, hoping for 5-6 total.

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jeaneren talladega nights au where eren is a race car driver with an absent dad and a hot wife (Sasha)

and his asshole manager (Levi) hates him bc he’s a hick and let’s the fact that he’s a winner get to his head and is a constant source of headaches

so Levi hires this french racer (Jean) who is easily 10x better than Eren and also very gay and he’s really cocky and naturally rubs eren the wrong way

so they are like sworn enemies and have multiple confrontations during which Jean breaks Erens arm and then says that if Eren kissed him he will go back to France and never bother Eren again but obviously Eren refuses bc ew who would want to kiss that jerk

and then in their final race together their cars both crash and they get out and run and Eren beats Jean on foot by a stroke of luck and kisses Jean at the finish line and they date happily ever after lmao

and mikasa is the nice but quiet manager that looks out for Eren and gets him back into racing after his first big wreck

hangi is like the team leader that’s cheering him on in her own weird way and armin is second in command of the pit crew

and Connie is his hilariously stupid teammate


-struggles through creative slump-

I love these two dorks but somehow it’s the first time I’ve drawn them together?? ;v;


"Oops I accidentally modeled" specially brought to you by the 104th Trainees Squad


SNK Fancast: 104th Trainee Squad

  • Kiko Mizuhara | Mikasa Ackerman
  • Alexander Ludwig | Reiner Braun
  • Shane Harper | Bertholdt Hoover
  • Saoirse Ronan | Annie Leonhardt
  • Logan Lerman | Eren Yeager
  • Mitch Hewer | Jean Kirschstein
  • Brendan Dooling | Marco Bodt
  • Dylan O’brien | Connie Springer
  • Ellen Page | Sasha Braus
  • Annasophia Robb | Historia Reiss
  • Ross Lynch | Armin Arlert
  • Seychelle Gabriel | Ymir

* well I won’t say this is 100% my fancast & personally, to me this fancast is too white (aside from Kiko & Seychelle), but it’s hard to think of actors (& I prefer to use actual actors than models) that are suitable & looks the closest to certain characters. So I referred to other people’s fancast, too. And if I’m going to make a much more accurate fancast, I would pick actors who are still in their teens -coz hey, these characters are actually only 15-16 years old- like Asa Butterfield as Eren & Colin Ford as Jean, but it’s easier with older actors.


a print im going to sell at a local con _(:B 」∠)_

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OK this is super fucking weird, but I was determined to get my headcanon images of Eren, Armin, and Jean perfect. Used that face morphing website and it was really cool and I’m really into these results. I combined a bunch of celebrities that had features I saw for the characters but weren’t quite right on their own. The combos I used for each are in the captions. 


The way how Jean shows that he cares about Eren ಥ‿ಥ


they’re judging all those who think they hate each other


my favorite marco bodt factoid is that the creator of SNK got asked why marco kept showing up in the list of people who are alive and he said that he had forgotten who marco even was


This will be my only contribution to the text post meme [x]